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What is the first thing you notice when you enter a restaurant?

I tend to notice people’s smiles. I’m sure you all agree with the fact that love for food is pure and irreplaceable. Appetizing food can make your soul feast and leave your heart content which automatically transforms into pleasant smiles.

Colors come alive at Tum Tum Asia

Situated amidst the bustling area of Umm Hurair in Bur Dubai, Tum Tum Asia is a vegetarian utopia; specializing in street food varieties of globally relished Asian delicacies. Chef Akshay Nayyar has indeed done an in-depth research to revamp the classic and mouth-watering dishes from Japan, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Kimchi and Quinoa Jar

The vast menu awakened the ‘gluttonous’ emotion in me, where I desired to try almost everything but had to surrender to my limitation. I started my Asian food carnival with the simple yet tasty Momo Chutney. I moved on to try the P.F.C- Patiala Fried Corn, decorated corn fritters balanced using a soup stick; innovative and appetizing (a veggie version of KFC) a crispy exterior and creamy interior sure made it delectable for my palate. Wasabi Paneer Tikka was a good pick; diced cottage cheese marinated with wasabi, lime, and lemongrass- that’s what I call an Asian fusion.

Momo Chutney
Wasabi Paneer Tikka

I experienced a ‘gas’ of happiness around me at the sight of my Litchi Iced Tea, served in a bright red mini gas cylinder like structure; as refreshing as it was to the eyes, so was it to my senses.

Litchi Iced Tea

While I waited for my next course to make its way to my table, I couldn’t help but admire the detailing of the place. Tum Tum Asia has elements inspired from the Asian streets; brick walls, graffiti on the panels, vibrant color schemes, crafty ceiling and so much more.

The prompt service didn’t allow me to gaze longer at the ambience and before I realized I found myself biting into soft Bangkok Bao, served in a beautiful wooden box, a medley of accurate flavors and sauces, though I’m not a huge fan of this dish, it sure didn’t disappoint me. Asian food for me is incomplete without my much-loved Sushi, as advised by the staff I ordered Dynamite Sushi which is a spicy sushi rolled around crispy asparagus tempura and spinach; carefully lifting my sushi, adding a tinge of wasabi, a little soy sauce…straight in my mouth…Divine!

Bangkok Bao
Dynamite Sushi

My salivation for food was under control until I was presented with the next course- Tum Tum Kimchi Ramen (I must admit I couldn’t finish it, I was too full), as the Tum Tum Asia menu states- ‘you won’t be able to share’, I know the reason why, and maybe you should taste and know it too. The steamy, spicy Thai soup was a tangy siren to my senses but the Ramen came to my rescue, together they made a combination which was tough to ignore.

I also tried Yes Yakitori which are skewers of firm cheese and button mushrooms with teriyaki glaze. To be honest I’m craving for it even at the thought of it. There wasn’t a single selection which left me in doubt. The melting cheese and aftertaste of mushroom was a tasty way to finish my main course. It was an ongoing war between my taste buds and stomach; it was one of those few meals where I didn’t want the indulgence to end.

Tum Tum Kimchi Ramen
Yes Yakitori

Finally, it was the time I was eagerly waiting for- Desserts! If there was a way I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about weight or dental cavities then I would have desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My sweet tooth was satisfied by the Chocolate Burger which was served to me and prepared on my table by one of the staff; chocolate cookie bread, chocolate slice, brownie shavings, marshmallows, and hot chocolate lava, all in one. I felt that it was an excess chocolate explosion and probably something could be added or subtracted to reduce the level of sweetness. Dessert-wise I feel more options could enhance the experience.

Overall, I’d say Tum Tum Asia is a thoughtful and well curated culinary treat blended with molecular gastronomy. Appeals to the eyes as well as the taste buds. It’s authentic street food with a twist; the twist is that it has great presentation and you can expect superior quality. Being a vegetarian, it sure gives me options and reasons to visit again.

How did I leave the restaurant? Smiling of course!

Place: Tum Tum Asia, Umm Hurair, Bur Dubai, Dubai

Speciality: Pan Asian Popular Street Food

Staff: 4.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

Pic Courtesy: Tum Tum Asia

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