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 “Stick with people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness.”

I’m positive that every person has diverse thoughts when I mention the word ‘friendship’. It’s a relationship that we all cherish, some become family while some just pass with phase. While growing up, just like everyone I’ve been surrounded by stories and incidents about friendship involving arguments, fights, bitter showdowns, and the most common one ‘trust issues’…I’ve also had friends who entered my life, were an essential part of my life at some point and now all I know about them is through Facebook updates (it rather makes me wonder about the depth of relationships these days, nobody really wants to invest time in another).

The 90s kid within me still fights an inner battle questioning the very word ‘friendship’, and as this conflict often arises, there’s a woman who exactly reflects the same level of insanity and old-school thoughts like me. Ever came across a person who is so similar yet so different in many ways that you don’t mind your parents adopting that individual? Well, watering the seeds of my endless deep and sometimes doltish thoughts by her sarcastic and witty lines is my best friend, Lamiya! Whoever knows me, wouldn’t deny knowing her…it’s like we are a duo. I wouldn’t use the cliché term blessing to describe her in my life, I’d just call her ‘Frimaly’- crime partner as a friend, sisterly advisor like a family member; dual role of putting me down in front of my parents.

My most valuable antique

Our journey of friendship started when we both didn’t really know what that even meant, we were neighbors and went to the same school. I still get nostalgic when I recollect the recess bell ringing and we rushing to meet each other and sharing our tiffin box. We weren’t similar in fact we were total opposites, I was the punctual one and she used to enter school just when the bell rang; I would keep studying and she would keep calling me out to play; I would always be responsible for us, and she would roam like a carefree bird. Sundays for me meant going out with her family, I chose that because that meant extra play time with her. All we cared was that we were having fun, not realizing time was making our bond stronger (if I sit to write about the endless happy times we’ve been a part of I’ll need another blog).

I’m sure we all agree that quality overpowers quantity, and in my case, I’m living a life with a friend who not only has all the qualities imaginable but is equal to 100 friends (she’s a different person every day and that’s what makes it a joyride). Nevertheless, while everything else changes in my life, she’s the one constant.

As you all might be wondering, this is impossible, it can’t be so perfect…well, it isn’t perfect! We fight like a WWE match (except the hitting part) if anyone saw us arguing they’d feel we are long lost enemies re-united. But yes, statutory warning: fight with either of us individually, we are a team! No matter who is right. What still keeps us going? That we never want to give up on each other, however badly one screws up we never go to bed with thoughts of resentment or ill feelings for the other.

Making up soon after every fight…because there’s gossip to be shared

Normally this ‘aww’ is when you see or hear about couples and their relationship, but Lamiya and I get ‘awwed’ when people know that we are best buddies since 24 years and practically grew up with each other, not forgetting our extended families also know about our existence and when they ask about friends, they are only referring to us.

There’s so much I’ve learned from her and with years we both have evolved with each other, being a witness to each other’s story and living a life with each other’s support. Downfalls seem rather easy with her by my side, and smiling is a lot genuine when I’m with her. It’s tough to meet people who show you a mirror and still accept you with every flaw, I think that’s what true love is. You don’t always need a husband/ boyfriend to make you feel special and loved, a relationship commands honesty and genuine compassion for each other and it can be any kind of relationship. In some way or the other, the universe plots people who literally become our lifeguard and are there with us not just to magnify happiness but also hold hands while you face the toughest storms. Who is that person in your life? (Take time to thank them today).

We’ll be best friends forever because you already know too much

At times we crib about situations and events and then just plan a shopping spree and pick up the same things (yes, we have to decide what we’re wearing before we meet, thanks to an almost identical wardrobe). Soul Style Soufflé wouldn’t be a reality if she didn’t push me for it and believed in me, she’s the designer of the logo and has spent days and nights discussing every aspect of the blog. Isn’t it an awesome feeling when someone equally feels for your dreams?

Friends are many and they all are unique in different ways, What’s so special about our friendship? Before blowing her birthday candles she made a wish, and that wish was for me. Am I lucky or am I lucky?

She’s the kind of queen that knows her crown isn’t on her head but in her soul

Lammy, I wish the heavens shower all the love, success, and happiness on you. I hope fairies keep sprinkling sparkles of positivity and good luck on you. You’re just one of a kind; a little crack as well, but what’s the point in being sane anyway? I never thought I’ll draft such a goody-goody piece for you. I can’t digest it, so let me end it by saying, No one has the courage to handle your mental problems and your quirky sense of humor; in this life and every life, I’ll be your best friend and soul mate (even if you find your soul mate). Thank you for being my one-woman cheering section. I love you!

P.s. We will be friends until we die, and after that, we’ll be ghost friends and scare people.

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