Why tale of prints? Because they are endless…some interesting, some boring, and some classic.

I think a well-fitted shirt is an easy and elegant way to look smart and sharp at the same time. There is no right way to team up a shirt; it can be trousers, denim, shorts, capris or simply a long loose shirt.

My only battle with my wardrobe is how to look effortless and stylish when I go to work? I don’t like the cliché boring plain shirts and trousers when there is so much one can try and give an attire a tinge of a twist.

Tale of Prints
Keeping it printy

At the first glance this shirt seems heavy on the eyes, maybe something one wouldn’t like to experiment with or pick it up on the first go especially when one is looking for formals. However, once paired with fitted denim jegging pants, the entire look feels crisp and fresh; breaking free from,  ‘keeping it sober and monochrome’ which no longer remains the thumb rule for professional dressing. I personally love the color tone of this shirt; it’s risky when two bold colors are used and that too with prints.

P.S You sure can sport a similar look before weekend kicks in. After all, there’s no harm in letting your colleagues know you’re already feeling the weekend vibes. 

Tale of Prints
Confidence is contagious. Catch it. Spread it.

I picked this shirt from Massimo Dutti. This fitted jegging from Stradivarius was an instant love for me. The one thing I cannot get enough off is footwears; these grey mules from River Island can surely make any girl drool. I finished the look with a cobalt blue sling from Burberry which perfectly matches the tone of blue on my shirt. I go by the rule of balancing my overall appearance by keeping it minimal. A good timepiece is a life saver for me and I think one of the essentials for most people. Michael Kors sure had my complete attention when they launched this round dial rose gold color timepiece with blue leather strap. (I’m a fan of big round dial watches, blame it on my brother’s irresistible collection).

If you’re the type who wants to experiment but is reluctant in opting for bold prints then try simple and subtle prints in pastels or whites; go extremely easy on complementing the rest of your look and maintain one tone to avoid being too gaudy. 

I can bet, there is a print out there just waiting to be discovered by you.


Tale of Prints
When I can’t stop admiring these pretty grey mules
Tale of Prints
In-between the posy shots
Tale of Prints
Sometimes I pose, but sometimes I pose as posing


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5 years ago

Hey Sonal! Great Piece 🙂

I have never been a great fan of ‘Prints’, but yeah I am definitely gonna give it a try. But would you suggest Print for plumpy people, because somehow I feel that the pattern and style would augment the body structure, unlike on slimmer people?