Hitting the right chords with Eduardo Vetere

If I asked you what makes you happy, how long will it take to say music? I’d be just stating a generic fact by saying that music has surrounded human life since our evolution; the sound of sea waves hitting the rocks, the roaring clouds just before every rainfall, the chirping sound made by a … Continue Reading

Breaking Art Boundaries with Asha Suresh

As you walk around any city/town, seeing unknown faces; some happy, some sad, some worried, some tensed, some content…one doesn’t really know the internal talent and hidden traits of those unfamiliar faces. Every encounter and every meeting is unique in its own way and not to forget every person has something worth learning. One such … Continue Reading

The Chain Effect Of Happiness

Very often in our lives, we visualize a dream, we chalk out plans and sometimes they seem impossible to attain. In this hide and seek of imagination and the wobbling feeling of confidence our aspirations rarely develop into reality. I always dreamed of starting a blog, having my own writing space and typing out what … Continue Reading