Letter from a Birthday Girl

Hello, A year of getting older; A year of madness; A year of surprises and shocks too…Happy Birthday to me! (I’m in a committed relationship with me, I better be good to myself on my day). Turning 27 isn’t a big deal that I overstressed about a month ago. I still remember messaging Lamiya (my … Continue Reading

Breathing The Essence Of Georgian Charm

‘Vacation’, what does this term even imply? For every person, the meaning is decided based on various criteria. For some, it maybe leisure, for some adventure, for some exploration and for some simply a break from the monotonous routine. The country of Georgia has always been the subject of my fascination since I’ve heard tales … Continue Reading

Tasting The Turkish Tranquility

Tasting The Turkish Tranquility ‘There are very few places in the world where you can leave your heart and depart from the land leaving it unexplored…only with the hope to visit again.’ The Turk land is an enigmatic territory of surprises. From its rich natural landscape to its breathtaking metropolis vibe to its mesmerizing beaches, … Continue Reading

A Blessing Called ‘LOVE’

A Blessing Called, ‘LOVE’ Don’t we all love Love Stories? We all have our favorite love story, maybe from a romantic novel or a movie or a couple, you admire or simply your own love story. We can’t deny that we all fancy this word ‘love’, how much ever we hate to admit somehow some … Continue Reading