Hello Summer!

I can’t keep calm because obviously, it’s the time for the sun to shine brighter, my sunnies to be glossier, my outfits to be lighter, and of course, my heart to be happier. With open arms and a little bow with the hat, let’s welcome the season of ice-creams, colorful umbrellas, sand, and waves…It’s summertime! … Continue Reading

A Date with ‘Clarins’ skin

An ideal location, scrumptious food and a lot of getting to know each other…perfect date! They say beauty is skin deep, a happy heart reflects a happy face, but how to tackle wrinkles and signs of aging? they just come uninvited no matter how much you stay relaxed and at ease. Every woman will agree … Continue Reading

Tasting The Turkish Tranquility

Tasting The Turkish Tranquility ‘There are very few places in the world where you can leave your heart and depart from the land leaving it unexplored…only with the hope to visit again.’ The Turk land is an enigmatic territory of surprises. From its rich natural landscape to its breathtaking metropolis vibe to its mesmerizing beaches, … Continue Reading

Take The ‘Clinique’ Test

Don’t we all dream of having a flawless picture perfect skin with that dewy pink natural blush? The standards of skin care and regimen differ globally but one thing is universally desirable; soft, supple and blemish-free healthy skin. At some point, we all struggle with skin issues. I’ve never heard a woman satisfied with her … Continue Reading

Floral All The Way

Whoever thinks that flowers cannot make a woman smile doesn’t know the secret to simplicity. I am deeply in love with florals, it’s one trend which is ongoing and still so fresh. From the ruffly flowery tops to the long flowy dresses to a floral detailed bag…there’s nothing about these delicate feminine patterns that can … Continue Reading