Hello Summer!

I can’t keep calm because obviously, it’s the time for the sun to shine brighter, my sunnies to be glossier, my outfits to be lighter, and of course, my heart to be happier. With open arms and a little bow with the hat, let’s welcome the season of ice-creams, colorful umbrellas, sand, and waves…It’s summertime! … Continue Reading

Bodycon Vibes

Did someone say checks? I’m already up for it. Not a huge fan of big bold checks but the tinier ones instantly attract me. A shopping spree led me to Mango, and before I knew it my eyes fell on this well-fitted, figure-flattering bodycon dress. What made it worth the pick? The small ruffles on … Continue Reading

12 Old School Romantic Ideas For V-Day

It’s Saint Valentine’s feast coming up, and as we all popularly know- Valentine’s Day! I know, some of you might argue, ‘why we need a day like this?’ ‘it’s too cliché’, ‘it’s purely commercialized.’ Blah blah blah, but deep down we all secretly plan this day or wish for those butterflies and awestruck moments. Cut … Continue Reading

Timeless Treasure: Friendship

   “Stick with people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness.” I’m positive that every person has diverse thoughts when I mention the word ‘friendship’. It’s a relationship that we all cherish, some become family while some just pass with phase. While growing up, just like everyone I’ve been surrounded by stories … Continue Reading

Breaking Art Boundaries with Asha Suresh

As you walk around any city/town, seeing unknown faces; some happy, some sad, some worried, some tensed, some content…one doesn’t really know the internal talent and hidden traits of those unfamiliar faces. Every encounter and every meeting is unique in its own way and not to forget every person has something worth learning. One such … Continue Reading

Yum Yum at Tum Tum

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a restaurant? I tend to notice people’s smiles. I’m sure you all agree with the fact that love for food is pure and irreplaceable. Appetizing food can make your soul feast and leave your heart content which automatically transforms into pleasant smiles. Situated amidst the … Continue Reading

Ethos Of Portugal- Kate Toledo

  Painting to her heart’s content, Kate Toledo loves her world of bold colors which are manifested through her pieces inspired by her travels, deep-rooted interest in traditional intricate patterns, and blend of diverse global exposure of cultures. She strongly believes that every painting is unique in its own way and choosing a favorite would … Continue Reading

Art Finds a Luxurious Seat in Rolls Royce

  “Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.” – Sir Henry Royce- Whoever knows the meaning of luxury, can’t refrain from the fact that ‘Rolls Royce’ exemplifies a distinguished league of aristocracy and sophistication like … Continue Reading

Tale Of Prints

TALE OF PRINTS Why tale of prints? Because they are endless…some interesting, some boring, and some classic. I think a well-fitted shirt is an easy and elegant way to look smart and sharp at the same time. There is no right way to team up a shirt; it can be trousers, denim, shorts, capris or … Continue Reading

Letter from a Birthday Girl

Hello, A year of getting older; A year of madness; A year of surprises and shocks too…Happy Birthday to me! (I’m in a committed relationship with me, I better be good to myself on my day). Turning 27 isn’t a big deal that I overstressed about a month ago. I still remember messaging Lamiya (my … Continue Reading