If I asked you what makes you happy, how long will it take to say music?

I’d be just stating a generic fact by saying that music has surrounded human life since our evolution; the sound of sea waves hitting the rocks, the roaring clouds just before every rainfall, the chirping sound made by a flock of birds, the droplets of water falling on a leaf…nature has music embedded in it. We just took it a step further and glorified various sounds to experience the most divine and soothing feeling of enchantment.

There’s a song for every mood and every individual, out of the millions out there, surely there is a genre which appeals to you the most, it gives you goosebumps and makes you hum it all the time. That’s the power of music,it magically takes you on a joyride of emotions- some concentrate on the beats while some on the lyrics.

One afternoon as I was having lunch at At.mosphere, I found myself attracted to a sound that was rhythmic and melodious; on looking around I saw a gentleman standing at a distance, he was playing the violin and was immersed in it, it didn’t matter to him who watched him or who didn’t…I couldn’t help but notice the way he held his violin with so much affection, his constant smile reflected his inner joy of holding his most cherished talent. That moment I decided I must speak to him and spread the love of music.

Violin- deemed as one of the toughest instruments in the world. It’s the smallest and the highest-tuned member of the violin family.

Eduardo Vetere, an Italian violinist or as I call him ‘buoyant musician’, is rightly the one contributing to the awestruck moments’ couples experience at At.mosphere. His talent brings out alluring, soulful, and romantic compositions which light up the overall feel of being at this place.

“I’m in a relationship with my violin, it makes me happy, when I lift it I know I will spread smiles. It touches my soul and gives me a reason to never give up. On good days it makes me feel like the best person, on bad days it just takes me to a better place. It’s tough to express how I feel about my violin, let’s just say unknowingly it spreads positivity in my life. I can never see myself without it,” says a jovial Eduardo.

Your interests are often connected to your lineage; as an old traditional theory of ancient world points on ‘family profession’. Eduardo grew up in an artistic environment in the culturally rich town of Pompeii near Naples; his father was a painter and grandfather a violinist. He recalls his childhood days and says, “As a little boy I used to spend a lot of time painting with my father. I never picked up an instrument until I was 11, I remember watching orchestra programs on TV and often asking my mother questions about instruments, that was the moment of realization for me, I knew I wanted to study music. It was an ignition from within, my gut told me I should, and I did.”

Music has an untold power, it attracts you in a way that causes an addiction you’d never want to give up. There’s something mesmerizing and fulfilling when the sounds synchronize and create a melody.

Mastering the art

Violin is extremely complex, and the movements are unnatural, early learning ensures that the bones are developed in a way that children get accustomed to it. Eduardo learned the tactics of violin and gave his first stage performance at the age of 13. He went on to complete his Masters degree from San Pietro a Majella in Italy. To attain the prestigious degree Eduardo practiced for about 9-10 hours daily and achieved thorough expertise.

Being a violin teacher as well, he mentioned that parents push their kids to take up some form of instrument, they take control of their child’s hobby and expect them to learn what they like. Music is pure, it comes from within. A child should never be dragged into something he/she doesn’t desire.

We are spontaneous with criticism but seldom do we pause and see the background of what it takes to shine and reach a place one can only aspire to. Professionals aren’t built in a day or month, it takes a lifetime of learning with dedication. Eduardo laughs and says, “I am still learning, I want to understand the pattern of other musicians but at the same time create my own style. Pitch and sound of the violin can make or break the feel of what one ears, a little mistake can cause a major hindrance to the final composition; it needs to be crisp and clear in every way. It’s a talented gift which is polished by hard work.”

Immerse yourself in something that sets your soul on fire

Best of both worlds

Eduardo has a close connection with his roots and feels a sense of pride in acknowledging the culturally rich land of Italy. His Violin not only speaks of the traditional values he’s learned from Italy but also the evolving modern futuristic influence of Dubai. Smiling throughout playing his beloved instrument is a way of expressing himself and his supreme musical background.

He moved to Dubai in the year 1994 and played at various social events and luxurious venues. Keeping the zest for your passion is an essential ingredient for any artist. Eduardo found that passion in simple things around him. A staunch believer in individuality he states, “Everyone should have a personality, you may like someone or want to be like that person, but what about yourself? Don’t be a shadow, be a shining light and create your own niche. The world should know you as a ‘person’ not as a ‘follower’.

Learning from the basics he still fancies the traditional violins over the new ones, the smell of wood and the texture of the strings have a unique feel, they make it much more enjoyable according to Eduardo.

Apart from being an excellent violinist, Eduardo’s humility and outlook towards life are worth learning from. Having been through struggles and hardships he still makes sure his worries are at bay and uplifts people’s mood through his music. He says, “On days when my heart feels wet from within, I still have to make sure I have a constant smile so that my audience never gets disappointed. I wouldn’t call myself lucky, I’ll just say I will never stop dreaming until my last breath.”

The undying hope and ever smiling face of Eduardo gave me goals to follow my passion religiously and never doubt your caliber. It’s not always that you find a path that’s made for you, you need to explore and be your own discoverer.

Final notes

The interview got me closer to my musical affinity. I somehow felt an outburst of love towards my guitar. Maybe I just needed that boost to dedicate myself completely. Isn’t it quite amusing that people find their passion or love in almost anything imaginable; some find it in books, some in painting, some in cooking, some in writing…have you been the ‘some’ and discovered where your heart truly belongs? Find it, enhance it, treasure it!

Every person has a story to tell; every story has an inspiration; every inspiration leads to self-discovery. It doesn’t matter who you are or what life is giving you, what really matters is how you seize life and how you make it not just an ordinary tale, but remarkable in the simplest way.

 I leave you with a bunch of thoughts and Eduardo’s violin magic. Enjoy!

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