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Painting to her heart’s content, Kate Toledo loves her world of bold colors which are manifested through her pieces inspired by her travels, deep-rooted interest in traditional intricate patterns, and blend of diverse global exposure of cultures. She strongly believes that every painting is unique in its own way and choosing a favorite would be like discriminating amongst her children.

Kate Toledo
The Deer Chase

An enthusiast for all things arty and meaningful she is showcasing her fourth solo exhibition at PROART Gallery in Jumeirah. The exhibition showcases the musings and inspiration Toledo has realized through more than a dozen canvas works and three silk scarves.

The exhibition is taking place from November 1st to the 30th, 2017 and will be open to the public.

The Portuguese Collection is a tribute to the country’s 17th and 18th-century ceramic works and antiquities. The paintings are a reflection of the artist’s exploration of her second home, Lisbon, where religious and public buildings don elaborate tile work and interiors decorated with 17th century Pombal tiles.

The works represent the artist’s own interpretation of these tile and faiança works, bringing together the intricate patterns and animal scenes depicted. These continue to be a source of unending inspiration for Toledo and The Portuguese Collection pays homage to a time where nature intertwined with architecture to create unique designs and a way of life.

Kate Toledo
The Abstract Enigma
Kate Toledo
The Deep Hues

The series, which took close to three years to complete, is a collection of canvas works inspired, in part, by Reinado Wanili, one of the few documented faiança artists along with his unnamed, yet equally skilled, counterparts. The artist presents a personal, contemporary interpretation, bringing in various animal scenes and renewing the original pattern work. The theme is further extended into Toledo’s signature silk scarf collection Kate Toledo Scarves.

I had an opportunity to interact with the talented and gorgeous Kate who seemed overwhelmed at the response received by her collection, expressing her happiness she said, “I have a fascination of bringing pieces from the past to the present. About the uniformity of having 3 elements; its just symmetry I think and I like the feel of it I guess. If you look at my wardrobe everything is monochrome but my paintings are vibrant and I would say it’s because of the Brazilian palette; Portuguese tile paintings are subdued, but still, I’ve thrown color around. My motive always remains that whoever sees my work experiences happiness and joy at the sight of it. I have a great love and respect for Portuguese ceramic work from this era and have studied it extensively to gain a better understanding of the story, heritage, and culture from which each piece began and has now come to represent. I hope to honor these scenes and patterns – preserving them further yet offering a new life and perspective to them.”

Kate Toledo
Three Gazelles
Kate Toledo
Calling Birds

Kate Toledo

You can visit PROART Gallery at Jumeirah and experience Kate’s world of imagination, culture, diversity, and an amalgamation of refined art inspired by elements from across the world.


Kate Toledo
Kate Toledo and Me near her painting inspired by traditional Sri Lankan art
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