Very often in our lives, we visualize a dream, we chalk out plans and sometimes they seem impossible to attain. In this hide and seek of imagination and the wobbling feeling of confidence our aspirations rarely develop into reality. I always dreamed of starting a blog, having my own writing space and typing out what my heart said irrespective of how relevant it may be for some or how important it may be for few. I’m still a beginner and I do not know how this will even reach out to people, this was by far my most crucial yet most gratifying decision. But yes, I exactly understood why I wanted to do this, one simple reason- Happiness!

We all are chasing happiness, in its various forms and as one happiness is achieved we strive for another(Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as we all know). Surprisingly there are degrees of happiness. We sometimes take happiness for granted that we forget to enjoy the current happy state and start thinking about other things that are subsequently on our list. I fail to understand the concept of happiness and how it’s ongoing and so important to everyone. There is no individual ever who said, ‘I don’t want happiness or I cannot take so much happiness in life, I need a break’. The only thing complex about happiness is its simplicity.

Recently my two and a half-year-old nephew made me encounter happiness in its most innocent form. During my visit to Mumbai (India) this year I was blessed to spend quality time with him and like a loving aunt, I did everything to make him go crazily hyper. We adults, however, suffer from a ‘syndrome’ called over thinking which leads to stress. For me one such stressful day caused me to quietly sit in my room and listen to music. However, my cheerful nephew had other plans, he hugged me and wanted to play with me, I wasn’t in a mood to play and I just wanted to be alone, for a change his cute tactics didn’t make me feel better, but somehow he never gave up on trying to make me smile, even when I told him that I was exhausted he didn’t give up. He continued trying to talk to me in his broken language as if he understood what I was feeling and what would make me feel better. His innocence was at its peak when he lovingly offered me a candy and said ‘ please smile’, I instantly smiled and that little boy taught me a lesson, he taught me to keep trying selflessly and eventually you will get what you truly want. His happiness was in my smile at that moment and seeing him take efforts made me genuinely appreciate him. I learned the lesson of never giving up and persuading what you desire happily and if that’s what you truly wish for you shall be blessed with it. Happiness is contagious and one smile can lead to multiple happy souls and in turn a positive feeling.

‘Blogging’ was one such thing I always had in mind but somehow didn’t take a step ahead. I sincerely thank my family and friends for believing in me and encouraging me to live my passion and do what I truly love and enjoy-Writing.

I was fortunate enough to launch Soul Style Soufflé at Dubai Music School, as DMS’s founder and teacher Glenn Perry said, “It’s the most sacred and peaceful place to unveil your blog and kids bless you with utmost innocence and love.” Glenn Sir has inspired me and made me fall in love with the guitar, how this happened is another story altogether.

Soul Style SouffleInvitation card for the launch of Soul Style Soufflé

On 6th July I unveiled the first look of my baby(Soul Style Soufflé), and all I can wish for like every mother does is for my baby to grow, excel and evolve but most importantly touch people’s lives in the simplest possible way.

So, this space is truly an interesting and heart-warming one. I will be sharing noble thoughts, life lessons and interesting encounters in this section. The reason I call it ‘Soul Diary’ is because the things I will write in this section will be real stories and actual life incidents which have created an impact on me or someone around me and helped me understand the fundamental yet essential way to see and experience life in a more optimistic way. It’s a piece of my heart and voice of my soul in a real sense.

Happy reading!

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