Soul Style Soufflé Turns One!

A year of learning, A year of understanding, A year of experimenting, A year of battling my inner fears, A year of questioning, A year of innovating, A year of adventures, A year of doing what I extremely love, A year of trying harder, A year of feeling content, A year of living my dreams. … Continue Reading

Be Your Own Power Bank

My WhatsApp beeps again, oh! one more video on positivity and embracing a different style of thinking, it keeps most of us motivated for a few hours; by the time it’s evening, the effect fades, but you have another video to your rescue and you’re good to go. I wouldn’t condemn these videos or rant … Continue Reading

Timeless Treasure: Friendship

   “Stick with people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness.” I’m positive that every person has diverse thoughts when I mention the word ‘friendship’. It’s a relationship that we all cherish, some become family while some just pass with phase. While growing up, just like everyone I’ve been surrounded by stories … Continue Reading

Letter from a Birthday Girl

Hello, A year of getting older; A year of madness; A year of surprises and shocks too…Happy Birthday to me! (I’m in a committed relationship with me, I better be good to myself on my day). Turning 27 isn’t a big deal that I overstressed about a month ago. I still remember messaging Lamiya (my … Continue Reading

A Blessing Called ‘LOVE’

A Blessing Called, ‘LOVE’ Don’t we all love Love Stories? We all have our favorite love story, maybe from a romantic novel or a movie or a couple, you admire or simply your own love story. We can’t deny that we all fancy this word ‘love’, how much ever we hate to admit somehow some … Continue Reading

The Chain Effect Of Happiness

Very often in our lives, we visualize a dream, we chalk out plans and sometimes they seem impossible to attain. In this hide and seek of imagination and the wobbling feeling of confidence our aspirations rarely develop into reality. I always dreamed of starting a blog, having my own writing space and typing out what … Continue Reading