Flavours of Middle East come alive with Almayass

The Emirate of Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, having an extremely diverse palate for food enthusiasts, the options never seem to disappoint anyone. I’ve always been a fan of Lebanese cuisine; the rich flavours and the tinge of delectable spices make for an enjoyable meal. Which better city than Dubai to gratify the … Continue Reading

13 reasons why having a best friend is a necessity

We all love having friends around us, but there’s always a unique place for a best friend. It’s not every day that you meet someone who matches your mental wavelength and automatically becomes more like a family. In the spirit of friendship here are the 13 reasons that make friendship truly amazing.

12 Old School Romantic Ideas For V-Day

It’s Saint Valentine’s feast coming up, and as we all popularly know- Valentine’s Day! I know, some of you might argue, ‘why we need a day like this?’ ‘it’s too cliché’, ‘it’s purely commercialized.’ Blah blah blah, but deep down we all secretly plan this day or wish for those butterflies and awestruck moments. Cut … Continue Reading

Yum Yum at Tum Tum

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a restaurant? I tend to notice people’s smiles. I’m sure you all agree with the fact that love for food is pure and irreplaceable. Appetizing food can make your soul feast and leave your heart content which automatically transforms into pleasant smiles. Situated amidst the … Continue Reading

Art Finds a Luxurious Seat in Rolls Royce

  “Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.” – Sir Henry Royce- Whoever knows the meaning of luxury, can’t refrain from the fact that ‘Rolls Royce’ exemplifies a distinguished league of aristocracy and sophistication like … Continue Reading

GEC Awards 2017- Glitz, Glamour & Glory

The fourth edition of GEC Awards was held on 3rd October at The Rixos Premium Dubai. GEC Awards have always been in the limelight for honoring top IT organizations for their unparalleled commitment and undying efforts to keep excelling in their area of expertise. Well, who doesn’t like appreciation? And when appreciation is combined with … Continue Reading

A Date with ‘Clarins’ skin

An ideal location, scrumptious food and a lot of getting to know each other…perfect date! They say beauty is skin deep, a happy heart reflects a happy face, but how to tackle wrinkles and signs of aging? they just come uninvited no matter how much you stay relaxed and at ease. Every woman will agree … Continue Reading

Breathing The Essence Of Georgian Charm

‘Vacation’, what does this term even imply? For every person, the meaning is decided based on various criteria. For some, it maybe leisure, for some adventure, for some exploration and for some simply a break from the monotonous routine. The country of Georgia has always been the subject of my fascination since I’ve heard tales … Continue Reading

Tasting The Turkish Tranquility

Tasting The Turkish Tranquility ‘There are very few places in the world where you can leave your heart and depart from the land leaving it unexplored…only with the hope to visit again.’ The Turk land is an enigmatic territory of surprises. From its rich natural landscape to its breathtaking metropolis vibe to its mesmerizing beaches, … Continue Reading

Indigo Living 2017 Fall/ Winter Collection

A house becomes a home when you put in a tinge of personalization, oodles of warmth and a gist of elegance… Autumn isn’t just a season of carpeted leaves but also signifies the rustic classic charm It’s the season of woods and deep bold colors intermingling to resonate a sophisticated look. Indigo Living’s Fall/Winter collection is … Continue Reading