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“Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.” – Sir Henry Royce-

Whoever knows the meaning of luxury, can’t refrain from the fact that ‘Rolls Royce’ exemplifies a distinguished league of aristocracy and sophistication like no other. From the designing to the mechanics to the overall appearance, its precision screams ‘perfection’.

Some see Rolls Royce as a piece of art as the very sight stirs a feeling of grandeur dipped in magnificence. What if this arty engineering meets skillful calligraphy? You can surely expect a volcano of style, grace, and delight.

Rolls Royce
Inside the lavish Rolls Royce Boutique

I had an opportunity to attend an exhibition by the famous calligrapher and plastic artist- Mr. Khaled Alsaa’i who is a renowned and celebrated name when it comes to giving life to words through the art of calligraphy. He is a strong driving force behind modern Arabic calligraphy. Being honored by the title of ‘Master of Calligraphy’ both in the contemporary and ancient category, Khaled sure stole the show with his exhibit at Rolls Royce.

The huge masterpiece occupies a large space on the 1st floor of Rolls Royce Boutique at Citywalk, Dubai and is placed adjacent to Sir Henry Royce’s wall of quotes.

Rolls Royce
A masterpiece by Mr. Khaled Alsaa’i

On asking Khaled about this breath-taking piece, he smiled and replied, “The inspiration came from the human eye, it’s like a lens if you zoom in where you can see a reflection in the form of ambitions and desires. There are two Rolls Royce cars at the side and the center is occupied by a mystery figure, but it’s all made of letters (calligraphy) and it’s very abstract, you cannot tell what’s written. Rolls Royce wanted to leave it open to audience interpretation so that people can communicate with art. Rolls Royce cars are handmade which signifies art. The calligraphy text around the circle are words of Sir Henry Royce, one needs to adapt in order to look at this piece in a very different way.”

Rolls Royce
It’s a new discovery each time I take an interview


Rolls Royce
With the talented Mr. Khaled Alsaa’i

My interpretation: Eyes reflects what a heart desires. Apart from dreams, ambitions, and goals, we have an inner spark for quality and class. The innocence of the soul is portrayed by the mysterious figure in the center. The prominence of two Rolls Royce symbolizes that we all look up to Rolls Royce and wish to own one since it’s a universally deemed machine which speaks of status and elegance. The presence of calligraphic art around the eye is like a vast ocean of thoughts, words, and ideas all waiting to be explored. The splash of colors represents joy and vibrancy. The eyes see it all…every major and every minute detail just like a child nurturing and believing that whatever they see is existent. It’s a tale of quality, legacy, and lust for luxury…

Rolls Royce
…and how do you interpret this?
Rolls Royce
Mandatory posing with a classic Rolls Royce doesn’t hurt
Rolls Royce
Looking around the boutique surely made my day
Rolls Royce
I found another eye at Rolls Royce
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Kruti Lunawat
Kruti Lunawat
5 years ago

Just Wowww!