We all love having friends around us, but there’s always a unique place for a best friend. It’s not every day that you meet someone who matches your mental wavelength and automatically becomes more like a family. In the spirit of friendship here are the 13 reasons that make friendship truly amazing.

He/she knows every detail of your life in HD

…this includes the number of times you drunk dialed your ex, how much you managed to bargain for that rude street vendor, whether the taxi guy took a longer route…by everything, it means just everything.

Your home is their home (practically too!)

No invitations needed! Your mother cooks their favorite food and sits and gossips with them instead (you’re just hoping they don’t spill the beans about your current crush and how they help in household chores).

He/she already hates the person you fought with and secretly plans their murder in their head

…a little temporary frustration in your head becomes their agenda for the day and they’ll do everything to make you smile (of course this includes dessert deliveries and spontaneous plans).

Your birthday seems like theirs 

Planning, invitations, venue, the flavor of the cake, co-ordination…everything about your birthday is their department.

Caution: You better make sure they’re the first to wish you at 12.


They entertain your stupidity by contributing more to it

…so you forgot lyrics to some shady song, look no further, you have a best friend to your rescue…you’ll have starstruck moments at how well you both can complete and compete with the level of insanity.

They constantly judge your choices/ decisions

Do you like someone? Hold on! Did they pass the quality check by your best friend? They never seem to approve of your choices on the first go, it requires a lot of conviction to get them to believe its best for you. For them- ‘You always deserve better’.

Goody Goody messages are so yesterday, it’s a savage world!

Expecting your best friend to send you sweet messages is like dreaming about your potential love interest running through the entire airport to reach you, admit it, it just happens in movies. They’ll always be there for you but never be out and loud about it.

They don’t just know, they have lived it

Recollect your best memories, and you can be sure that your best friend not only knows them but has been a crucial part of that memory. 

You can say nasty and rude things without hesitation

Instead of getting offended, they will use even nastier and mean words. There is no limit set when it comes to insults.

Fights/Arguments with them take a toll on you

A day without your best friend seems gloomy and dull. Every fight or argument ultimately ends in hugging and letting go. The motto then becomes, ‘we fight with each other and call names, but if you fight with him/her, we’re a team.’

Eye communication

When it’s your best friend, you can be super sure they will reciprocate your eye contact and even gossip about someone just by looking at you. Is a particular place boring you? your best friend knows how to get you out of that place or simply play along with your excuse.

Screenshots are your thing

Your chats are all about screenshots of conversations you had with your college friend, potential love interest, the person you dislike, your boss, your mother, and sometimes even a random forwarded screenshot you get from someone else. It’s no surprise that replies are decided together and the trail continues. 

Hugs are always comforting

If days feel gloomy, and life seems to be unfair, there’s always a long hug to pull you up. Isn’t it a blessing when you need someone by your side and you unlock your phone and realize that the person in your favorites list is actually your favorite.


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