It’s Saint Valentine’s feast coming up, and as we all popularly know- Valentine’s Day! I know, some of you might argue, ‘why we need a day like this?’ ‘it’s too cliché’, ‘it’s purely commercialized.’ Blah blah blah, but deep down we all secretly plan this day or wish for those butterflies and awestruck moments.

Cut the jazz of teddies, gifts, chocolates…let’s get classic this season and do something your partner never expected.  (don’t think of forgetting to wish, I take no responsibility for the consequences).

These ideas may be easy on your pockets, but quite thoughtful for your partner; they’ll surely appreciate your efforts. Spending money is easy but meaning your actions is all that it takes to rekindle love.

Here are 12 ideas to make your 14th February special:

1. Convey it with words


You don’t need to be Shakespeare to express your love; the simpler the better. This one never disappoints. Slide a romantic love letter in your partner’s pocket or handbag or if you want to make it extra special leave little notes of love all around your home.

If you’re still struggling to write, just write all the special moments you’ve experienced together. (Thank me later, for the tears of joy you see in their eyes).

2. Worth waking up mornings

Who doesn’t like morning pampering? A cup of hot coffee accompanied by their favorite pancake or waffle, some toast on the side and not to forget a red rose too. Voila! They’re having a good day already.

P.S If your partner is a grumpy morning person then start with hugs and sweet talk.

3. Opening a treasure jar of memories

A ticket to revisit the pleasant memories and recollect every little and big thing you both have been a part of; this can include even a silly episode of a salesperson trying to sell you a toy even when you don’t have a kid or maybe the incident where you both were so engrossed in a meal that you missed a flight. The idea is to thank each other for living the silly, funny, loving, emotional, embarrassing moments together. Mention the little things your partner does just to see you happy, and how it makes a difference to you. We all need to be reminded that sweet gestures never go unnoticed. Make a jar with little notes and present it to your partner. Every day open a new note and read it aloud. This makes 365 days special.

4. It’s four feet but one step

You’re never too old for walks, holding your partner’s hand and walking around a park, walkway or just your special spot is unique in its own way. It’s a time exclusively for you two, talk about your life together and how much they mean to you. Act like those rom-com movies, like you just saw your partner and have an irresistible crush. Depart from the world and escape into a la-la land; a tiny world of yours where you both are exclusive citizens for each other.

P.S No discussion about other people or problems, just a dreamland where everything is perfect.

5. Food never disappoints

‘Surprise Surprise’ Not sure if your partner will get free from work? Well, then take yourself to your partner. Visit his/her workplace with a takeaway meal of their choice which you both can sit and enjoy. If time permits, reserve a table at his/her favorite restaurant and have a meal together. Discreet about the lunch! (Don’t forget to ease them from work stress with plenty hugs and compliments).

6. Hunting for clues that your partner will love

Time to play it with ‘love’. Let’s make it a day he/she won’t forget. Hide chits/love notes at certain corners of your house. Make sure every chit has a lead to their next clue. The final chit should reveal the time and dress code for the night. Keep it a surprise date night by taking him/her to a place they’ve been longing to visit.

7. When hobby turns into a couple therapy

Did you both start liking each other a lot more once you both realized you like the same music band? Have you both dreamed of trying every possible adventure sport? Trying a new cuisine makes every outing more memorable? It’s never too late to do the same. If your partner likes arts, then enroll in a painting lesson together…paint the canvas with love and lift your eyes and brush to create perfect memories. You can also cook together and make your kitchen your experimental ground. Go on a binge movie spree at home with popcorns, chips, and a lot of cuddles. Your partner has been insisting on joining Salsa classes, why not surprise him/her by booking it? The market is flooded with so many activities, all you got to do is choose one and make it happen.

8. Nothing beats the butterflies you both had on your first date

You saw your girl at a café with her friends, you probably wanted to approach her but preferred to just look at her from a distance and gaze at the way she flips her hair or sips her drink. Take her to the same place and tell her everything you experienced while already weaving a romantic fairy tale in your head.

Book the place where you both went on your first date; order the same food, same drinks, keep looking into your partner’s eyes and make them feel ultra special. Just live that first date again… It isn’t that difficult to recreate the magic which changed your relationship status. (You’ll get brownie points for being thoughtful).

9. Stars are in the sky, but they twinkle in your eyes

Romantic music collection- Check
Fuel in the car- Check
Starry spot away from the city- Check
His/Her most-loved fragrance- Check

As simple as it may sound, this will make cupids dance around you. Just when your partner feels you haven’t planned anything, surprise him/her with a romantic drive, listen to your favorite music, while you both drive on an endless stretch and stop to see the starry sky and indulge in romantic conversations about life and future with each other.

Want to make it extra special? Place some rose petals inside the sun visor, with a little sticky note about how special and blessed you are to have your significant other. Bingo! Once they open it they’ll be enthralled.

10. Love laughs in flowers

This is by far the most classic way to make your partner ‘aww’, but why not add a twist to every stick of flower. Present your partner with 12 sticks of flowers throughout the day. Each stick comprising of a memorable incident/episode you both have lived together. Like, how you both never failed to chat every single day since you two started liking each other, how you both have collective goals and want to make sure you achieve it, how you both laughed uncontrollably when the other tripped and fell down…just so many things yet so little. (I’m sure 12 will be less for most of you, there’s no harm in increasing the count).

11. Sway away in the music of romance

Not sure if your partner is comfortable dancing with you in a commercial party with other couples around? Why don’t you create a personal dancing space for just the two of you; your music, your little party and of course you can arrange the table with candles, flowers, and a home-cooked meal. It’s surely a task to manage these things and keep it a hush-hush affair. But take my words you’ll have a smile throughout the process of getting things organized to executing it.

12. Couple voucher redemption

Why not make a collective effort to please each other? Pitch the idea of vouchers to your partner. Take 12 tiny papers each and write down things you will do for your partner or somewhere you will take them; every time one partner goofs up the other can exchange it for a coupon of their choice. For example, you could write- weekend getaway, couple spa, picnic day, surprise gift day, movie night etc.

These ideas will give you and your partner a reason to smile, as hopelessly romantic they sound they sure have a potential to make both of you cherish your day together. As I believe and rightly follow, anything done from the heart is enough to make someone fall for you over and over again…how far will you go to see that smile on your partner’s face?


Cover image: Photo by Andre Revilo on Unsplash

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