A Sun-Soaked Spring

The fragrance of blooming flowers, the misty air with a little tint of sunlight, the hide-and-seek of mild sunrays and cool breeze, the tapping tunes of countryside music, the clear skies and the rejoicing faces…isn’t spring nature’s way of depicting beauty in its ideal form? Location too hard to ignore One such beautiful spring morning … Continue Reading

Winter ready with MAXON!

It’s the season for pleasant windy evenings, soft cozy sweaters, and a shift in the skincare routine. Our skin demands elasticity, hydration, and the missing glow. The toughest decision is to select products that show results as well as promise a superior quality. I chose the MAXON soft white range and made it a part … Continue Reading

Exploring the world of calligraphy with Majid Alyousef

Calligraphy depicts the union of alphabets and abstraction. One of the finest forms of art requiring precision, practice, and talent. The term calligraphy originated in the ancient Greek civilization and means ‘beautiful handwriting’. The Arabic script is one of the most culturally rich and visually appealing. It takes years to attain mastery and understand the delicacy … Continue Reading

The Bride Side

Isn’t it mesmerizing to see a bride make a grand entrance on her D-Day? An ensemble she will cherish for life, a makeup complementing her stunning avatar and obviously a picture perfect capture.

Flavours of Middle East come alive with Almayass

The Emirate of Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, having an extremely diverse palate for food enthusiasts, the options never seem to disappoint anyone. I’ve always been a fan of Lebanese cuisine; the rich flavours and the tinge of delectable spices make for an enjoyable meal. Which better city than Dubai to gratify the … Continue Reading

13 reasons why having a best friend is a necessity

We all love having friends around us, but there’s always a unique place for a best friend. It’s not every day that you meet someone who matches your mental wavelength and automatically becomes more like a family. In the spirit of friendship here are the 13 reasons that make friendship truly amazing.

Soul Style Soufflé Turns One!

A year of learning, A year of understanding, A year of experimenting, A year of battling my inner fears, A year of questioning, A year of innovating, A year of adventures, A year of doing what I extremely love, A year of trying harder, A year of feeling content, A year of living my dreams. … Continue Reading

Glamming Up Eid!

There are ample reasons to celebrate the festivities of Eid. As the one-month holy fasts end, hearts are filled with the joy of new beginnings of the Islamic New Year. I’ve always fancied the way women from the Middle East dress up. The choice of their clothing, their hairdo and most importantly the kind of flawless … Continue Reading

Be Your Own Power Bank

My WhatsApp beeps again, oh! one more video on positivity and embracing a different style of thinking, it keeps most of us motivated for a few hours; by the time it’s evening, the effect fades, but you have another video to your rescue and you’re good to go. I wouldn’t condemn these videos or rant … Continue Reading

Hitting the right chords with Eduardo Vetere

If I asked you what makes you happy, how long will it take to say music? I’d be just stating a generic fact by saying that music has surrounded human life since our evolution; the sound of sea waves hitting the rocks, the roaring clouds just before every rainfall, the chirping sound made by a … Continue Reading